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Silver Ore

Why Invest In Silver

We humans have had an infatuation with silver for more than five millennia. It began when it was first mined around 3,000 BCE in Anatolia, now part of modern-day Turkey. For well over 5,000 years, it has served the world for many purposes.

Silver is most often integrated with other metals. Advances in mining techniques enhanced the ability to separate it from these ores and made it possible to handle larger volumes of material.

Today, silver maintains its ranking as a very special fundamental metal. Silver continues to be a significant component of many of these developments as the world evolves into a wide variety of new directions.

Jewellery, silverware, coins, mirrors, photography, dental alloys, solder and brazing, medical, solar technology, batteries, ball bearings, autos, electronics, nano silver, superconductors, and awards and awards and awards on and on, and on - so goes the world of silver.

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The Silver Saloon Focus is focused on the many companies and individuals finding and mining silver and creating applications for its many uses. Its mining history goes back 5,000 years. There are, and have been, high grade silver mines but most silver comes from ore bodies with a much higher percentage of metals such as copper and lead. Today's technology is very reliant on silver. The search for mineable deposits continually increases.

In the 1800s as US people trekked to the country’s opening western frontiers, villages appeared and salons of all types opened. Bigger salons became saloons and many became bars. In the late 1800s thousands flocked to Leadville, Colorado creating the Colorado Silver Rush. The Silver Dollar Saloon opened there in 1879. It set the stage for bars overtaking merchandise stores being called Saloons. expands the terminology to keep you abreast of today’s phenomenal World of Silver.

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Silver Hall of Fame

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Recognizing individuals who have, for over 5,000 years, made significant contributions to finding and mining silver and to its many applications as the world’s most intriguing metal.



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